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Amoled Flowers Watchface

Amoled Flowers Watchface
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49 руб.
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Welcome to the world of beauty and functionality with Amoled Flowers Watchface, a feminine watch face that will add charm and help you keep track of your health. Amoled Flowers Watchface has six beautiful backgrounds with vibrant colors to highlight your femininity and 9 color themes to customize your watch face. But not only the appearance makes this dial case. It also includes an Always on Display feature that displays information at all times without the need to press buttons. Step and calorie counting to help you keep track of your physical activity and health. But the most interesting thing is that Amoled Flowers Watchface saves the battery of your device. This allows you to use it for a longer time without having to charge it. Experience the beauty of flowers and the usefulness of Amoled Flowers Watchface features
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  • Классика
Цветовые схемы
  • Белый
  • Чёрный
  • Красный
  • Зеленый
  • Жёлтый
  • Серый
  • Розовый
  • Голубой
  • Шагомер
  • Сжигание калорий
  • Пульс
  • Пройденный путь
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  • Заряд батареи
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